Fire and Rescue is not just a profession but a passion which fills us each day with new energy and enthusiasm. Both of us have more than 25 years of experience in public, industrial firefighting, and rescue in Europe, and the Middle East. We are qualified instructors in Fire Fighting, SCBA, Hazmat , High rope rescue, Confined space rescue and Integrated mission control, In addition to being qualified firefighters we are also certified, Paramedics, and instructors.


As accredited Fire Protection Engineers we are able to review your plant/premises fire protection system, risk analysis, and procedures including emergency response. We can update or provide full specifications that meet your requirements and budgets. 


Our vision is to share knowledge, save life and property through dedication to our profession.

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Basic Firefighting Training for your Employees

Introduction to fire fighting in the workplace (office, store, workshop, home)


Our firefighting training experts can provide training at all levels that meet your company or private needs. We offer a wide range of training from basic use of fire extinguishers to advanced firefighting.


The training will cover the basic requirements and look at how the fire starts. By having a good basic knowledge of fire and the relationships between the three elements; Oxygen, eat, and fuel you will have a greater understanding of how to control a fire. 


If you are looking for annual fire inspections or training for your self or staff we are happy to provide the training that meets that requirement.


Our team of professional firefighters can carry out a full review of your firefighting system or develop emergency plans, risk analysis of your premises and prepare the risk assessment and evacuation plans/diagrams

Training Including:

  • Fire recognition and characterization

  • Emergency call

  • Evacuation and rescue

  • Extinguisher and extinguishing agents

  • Fire prevention

  • Practical exercise on wood and liquid fire

One day course. We will provide fire fighting PPE for the course, Fire Extinguishers.


Maximum number of participants : 10


Practical and written exam Certificate of Completion


Location : The training can be carried out at your work location depending on the availability of outside space. Theory & class work to be in a suitable space at your place of business to reduce the need for staff to leave the company location.


Course delivered by experienced professional fire fighters on latest legislation requirements in accordance with NFPA Guidelines

Incident Command and Coordination

Introduction to fire fighting incident and command (office, store, workshop)


All organisations need to have a structure in place for emergencies, as part of ISO 45001:2018 companies have to have in place emergency preparedness plans.


Is your organisation classed as a high risk organisation, such as; Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, employ more than 50 people if so you should have in place measures to deal with any scenario such as; Fire, explosions, flooding bomb threats etc. In this day and age emergencies are all o evident as we look at the current pandemic of coronavirus Covid 19 how many organisations were prepared for this?


Our fire training experts can provide training at all levels that meet your needs.


The training will cover the legal requirements and how to manage incidents. Our experts can carryout a full Risk Analysis of your premises and your readiness for major events, prepare the risk assessments, evacuation plans/diagrams and test the systems for effectiveness.

Training Including:

  • Mission control

  • Communication

  • Organization and coordination

  • Evaluation, Decision, Command

  • Practice

Duration of training will depend on the size and complexity of the organisation. Our professionals will evaluate your needs to tailor fit training to meet your organisations requirements.

Emergency Response Team

Are you looking to develop your Emergency response team at your work place? Is your organisation classed as high risk? Do you have in place a dedicated team who can respond to emergencies?


Health and Safety Services can help your organisation to develop the ERT Team or Rapid Response team to deal with any emergencies . Our Professional Firefighting Instructors can develop the your in house plans, conduct drills and evaluate your current systems.

Available Training Including: 


  • Responding to a emergency 

  • Fire fighting tactics 

  • Danger on scene 

  • Equipment handling and knowledge 

  • Extinguishing agents 

  • Technical rescue tactics

  • First aid 

  • Duties and tasks of fire fighting units 

  • Chemical emergencies 

  • Practice 

  • Exam and certification

40 Hours course.

Practical and written exam

Certificate of Completion

We will provide firefighting PPE for the course, fire extinguishers all equipment

Maximum number of participants: Depending on the size of the company and equipment available

Advanced First Aid Course


  • Introduction 

  • Task and duties for first aid 

  • Rescue chain 

  • Rescue and transport 

  • State of consciousness 

  • Breathing 

  • Blood circulation

  • Shock 

  • Wounds 

  • Fractures 

  • Poisoning 

  • Heat and freeze condition 

  • Special emergencies 

  • Internist diseases

  • Anatomy 

  • Burns

  • AED & ECG 

  • Forced ventilation 

  • Infusion 

  • Medication 

  • Equipment

  • Ambulance transport

  • Vacuum matrass 

  • Hygiene 

  • Organization at scene

  • Cooperation with other units  

  • Exam and certification

Duration 40 Hours

All Equipment and material will be provided

Maximum number of participants : 8

Practical and written exam

Certificate of Completion

Course delivered by experienced professional firefighters/paramedics with up to date legislation requirements and in accordance with American Heart Association & German red cross. Courses can be adjusted to meet your local regulations

Basic First Aid at Work

Training Including:


  • What is first aid 

  • Emergency call 

  • Rescue chain 

  • Your own safety 

  • Emergency measures 

  • CPR incl. AED training 

  • Medical emergencies

One day course.

All equipment, materials will be provided

Maximum number of participants : 20

Practical and written exam

Certificate of Completion

Course delivered by experienced professional fire fighters and paramedics on latest legislation requirements and in accordance with American Heart Association & German red cross.

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