Health and Safety that meets your budget

Health and Safety Services can review your Health and Safety Management System, assist in the development of procedures, emergency plans, fire, and risk assessments.

Risk Assessments

For many organisations risk assessment identification and the development of quality risk assessments that fit the work being carried out is important that employees are able to clearly identify hazards and potential risks to health, as we know from experience many people get mixed up with identifying hazards or risks when completing risk assessments that can lead to accidents and potential injuries.

Health and Safety Services has developed a risk assessment training package that helps the worker in the field setting to better understand the process of carrying out the assessment. Our experts are working with all levels of staff in various organisations to review and develop risk assessments that are easier to use in the field and with so many options to chose from what is the best solution for your organisation. Health and Safety Services an IOSH Training provider uses the managing safely and working safely training packages from IOSH to simplify the risk assessment process. Our trainers will be happy to demonstrate how our teaching methods differ from all other providers with our hands-on practical approach to training. 

Risk Assessments are used to identify potential areas, systems, equipment that could cause injury or harm in the workplace to staff or visitors. We have been working with many organisations over the years developing a Risk Assessment process that are easy to use and understand also meets your legal requirements.

If you are looking for a full review of your risk assessment procedures we are able to visit your plant, site, office, or workplace to make the evaluation

Health and Safety Services can develop your risk assessment templates and/or checklists that meet your specific requirements.

Are you considering adding to your management system the process of Last Minute Risk Assessment or Take 5 formats we can help you develop a system that fits your needs 


Train the Trainer

Our Health and Safety experts can develop your Risk Assessment process, review existing risk assessments, and train your team to carry out their own assessments reducing the need for further training. 

Staff & Visitor Inductions 


Staff Safety Induction or contractor’s awareness program, our team can review your current induction program suggest improvements, or develop new induction using your business as the model.